Reinforced by your feedback, the completely rewritten ForkLift 3 combines the latest macOS technologies with the most stunning UI work we've ever done for an application, to redefine file management once again.

Remote Connections

Connect to SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace CloudFiles, SMB, AFP, and NFSremote volumes and easily manage your files quickly across networks. You can connect to multiple serversat a time and even copy between them with drag and drop.

ForkLift Mini

Sits on your menu bar and lets you mount a saved remote connection as disk, upload files to a remote server from Finder by drag and drop, or run a saved Synclet even if ForkLift is not running.


Compare local or remote source and target folders identifying matching, modified, new and deleted files. Synchronize them one or two-way with a single mouseclick, or save it as a favorite. If you are a web developer, you'll love this feature.


The preview panel shows you useful information about the selected file. It lets you inspect images, PDFs, and other popular document types. You can do quick edits on a text file in place, both on local drives and remote servers.

Quick Open

Easily access your favorites, devices, menu commands, open a selected file with a desired application, or apply a previously saved Multi Rename preset on selected files or folders.

Multi Rename

Use the Multi Rename tool when you need to rename a large number of files on your local drives or remote servers. Change case, replace text using regular expressions, add dates or sequences, and combine them in a saved preset.

More Features

Dual Pane

  • The most effective way of file management. Split panes horizonally or vertically, or use a single pane.

Favorite Sync

  • Keep all your favorites, synclets, and rename presets synchronized across multiple computers via Dropbox.

Dropbox Support

  • Copying Dropbox links to files located in your Dropbox directory is just a right-click away.


  • Reorder transfers, set conflict management rules, error handling, limit download and upload bandwidth.


  • Organize your documents and files with tags: add, edit, remove, search, or filter them within ForkLift.


  • Mount remote servers and make them appear on your desktop as simple local drives.

Sync Browsing

  • Given two identical folder structures. Browse in one pane and let ForkLift do the job for you in the other pane.


  • You can have different folders opened in the same pane, instead of having separate windows open at once.


  • Search and filter by name, extention, kind, tags, or content to quickly find files, even on remote servers.

Quick Select

  • Select files by typing a filename, an extension, or a tag, and add them or exclude them from the selection.

App Deleter

  • ForkLift comes with an application deleter to remove the last morsels of an application you want to uninstall.

Remote Editing

  • Set your preferred editor in ForkLift to edit remote files, and we take care of uploading your changes as you save.

Archive Management

  • Browse local and remote archives as if they were ordinary folders. You can even Quick Look, search and filter.

Keyboard Control

  • Control every operation straight from the keyboard, including selecting files by pressing the spacebar.


  • ForkLift speaks English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. More languages are coming.


  • Save different layouts with opened tabs and locations, and load what you need at the moment.

FXP Copy

  • FXP Copy lets you transfer data directly between FXP-enabled servers without passing through your Mac.


  • Extend ForkLift's capabilities to the max by invoking command line tools and apply them by using shortcuts.

Git Support

  • ForkLift knows git and will show you the status of individual files. You can add, commit, push, and pull.

Open in Terminal

  • An absolute must for powerusers. Open a Terminal, iTerm, or Hyper window at your current local path.

Hidden Files

  • Make hidden files and folders visible easily by using a shortcut or pressing a button in the toolbar.


  • Share gives you an easy way to share all kinds of documents and other files instantly.

Default File Viewer

  • Set ForkLift as the default file viewer, and almost every app will point to ForkLift instead of Finder.

File Compare

  • Compare two text or images files with Xcode's FileMerge, Kaleiodoscope, Beyond Compare, or Araxis Merge.

What's New


  • More date presets in the "Add Date" multi-rename module in the Multi-Rename Window


  • Fixes the typo in the word Occurrences in the Multi-Rename window
  • Fixes an issue that made it impossible to transfer files from the location /System
  • Fixes an issue in the Multi-Rename window that caused the addition of a "d" character to the extension when changes were applied to "Name with dot"
  • Fixes an issue which caused ForkLift to ignore the port number of SMB connections set on the Connect Panel
  • Fixes an issue that allowed a certain kind of navigation in the file view while renaming an item, which caused several problems such as overlapping file names, the inability to rename another file, or the display of the previously selected item in a different location
  • Fixes an issue that allowed users to insert a line into the file name with the Alt-Return keyboard shortcut in rename mode
  • Fixes an issue where after a long upload ForkLift incorrectly displayed an error message that the upload wasn't successful because the connection was closed
  • Fixes an issue that caused some shares appear twice in the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue that made it impossible to remove icons from the Toolbar, introduced in version 3.5.7
  • Fixes an issue that allowed to expand folders in the Search results with the Right Arrow key
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift didn't display an error message when some parts of an archive couldn't be extracted and the unextractable files were missing from the extracted folder seemingly without a reason
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements